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Titel Safety note: Easyness 2 und Progress 3
Datum 03-06-2024
Beschrijving Advance has issued a safety notice for the Easyness 2 and Progress 3 harnesses. For certain serial numbers of these harnesses, a check of the reserve parachute handle is mandatory. If the check is not passed, the reserve parachute handle and container must be replaced before the next flight. ...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider rescue device TAPA X-ALPS (all sizes)
Datum 06-02-2024
Beschrijving Skywalk has issued a safety notice for the TAPA X-ALPS paraglider rescue system (all sizes).

The inner containers are affected. In one case, a deployment blockage occurred during indoor rescue training. The excess length of one of the 4 container leaves had been pulled into the elastic line loop...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 20 DHV GS-01-2617-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 21 DHV GS-01-2618-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 22 DHV GS-01-2619-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 24 DHV GS-01-2620-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 17 DHV GS-01-2630-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 19 DHV GS-01-2631-21, PHI MAESTRO 2 19 DHV GS-01-2701-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 21 DHV GS-01-2702-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 22 DHV GS-01-2703-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 23 DHV GS-01-2704-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 25 DHV GS-01-2705-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 17 light DHV GS-01-2735-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 18 light DHV GS-01-2736-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 19 light DHV GS-01-2737-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 22 light DHV GS-01-2738-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 23 light DHV GS-01-2739-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 25 light DHV GS-01-2740-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 21 light DHV GS-01-2741-22
Datum 11-01-2024
Beschrijving PHI Paragliders has issued a safety notice concerning PHI paragliders with the R07 risers. On these risers, the B-plane is suspended from the riser with an 800 daN Technora line. On a PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 20, year of manufacture 3/2021, the B-line suspension on the riser broke during flight. The pi...

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Titel Safety note: Air Design paragliders / Eazy 2, Eazy 2 Superlight, SuSi 3, Vita 2, Vita 2 Superlight, Rise 3 and Volt 3
Datum 13-11-2023
Beschrijving The manufacturer Air Design has issued a safety notice for paragliders produced in 2018. The models affected are the Eazy 2, Eazy 2 Superlight, SuSi 3, Vita 2, Vita 2 Superlight, Rise 3 and Volt 3 with production year 2018 and serial numbers from P183912A to P184417A.

One paraglider had a brok...

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Titel Warning: Paraglider emergency parachute Second Chance 94 DHV GS-02-0002-88, Second Chance 86 DHV GS-02-0003-88, Second Chance 118 DHV GS-02-0012-90 CHARLY DIAMONDcross 100 / 125 / 160 / 220 Basic 100 / 125 / 160 ST 160 / 220 ST Tandem 125 / 160 / 220 HG KORTEL Krisis Karré 100 / 125 / 160 / 220 MAC PARA Houston 125 / 160
Datum 30-08-2023
Beschrijving The manufacturers of the rescue equipment listed above recommend replacing the inner container. The replacement is not a mandatory measure, but an urgent recommendation. This improves the opening safety of the rescue equipment. However, the rescue equipment retains its operational capability even...

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Titel Safety note: Raqoon 55 EAPR-GS-0665/17 (XS) Raqoon 60 EAPR-GS-0666/17 (S) Raqoon 80 EAPR-GS-0667/17 (SM) Raqoon 85 EAPR-GS-0668/17 (M) Raqoon 100 EAPR-GS-0669/17 (L) Raqoon 120 EAPR-GS-0670/17 (XL)
Datum 29-04-2023
Beschrijving A Papillon Raqoon was found to have far below average porosity (air permeability) values. While the affected unit showed independent termination of all stall maneuvers during test flights, an increased stall tendency was noted. Research has shown that a quality variation leading to weak air perme...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider emergency parachute
Datum 03-02-2023
Beschrijving Due to insufficient strength of the connection handle-inner container, the company Skywalk has issued a safety notice for the product DROP front container. During the internal quality control it was noticed that the strength is below the required 70 daN (approx. 70 kg). Users of the front contain...

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Titel Warning: Paraglider harness
Datum 09-01-2023
Beschrijving Potentially affected are harnesses with 2 zippers, where a separate zipper closes the rescue container.
To ensure proper rescuer deployment, the zipper slide of the rescue container zipper must be in its "zip garage" like this. If this is the case, the zip will open without any problems when the ...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider harnesses Karpofly Xalps 3 and 4 Sample test number: PH 045.2013 (Number was assigned by the test center for the model Xalps 3)
Datum 02-12-2022
Beschrijving On a Karpofly Xalps 4 harness (unit test 2018), the seam on the seat surface with which the length adjustment of the Get Up leg straps was fixed had opened in flight. Due to the omission of this fixation, the leg straps pulled open over their entire length under load. This led to the student pilo...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider Skywalk Chili3 L DHV GS-01-2010-13, Skywalk Chili3 XS DHV GS-01-2011-13, Skywalk Chili3 XXS DHV GS-01-2012-13, Skywalk Chili3 M DHV GS-01-2017-13, Skywalk Chili3 S DHV GS-01-2018-13
Datum 18-11-2022
Beschrijving Addendum to the safety advisory of 18.10.22 After further research and information, we have decided in consultation with the DHV to extend the safety notice of the CHILI 3. 

Since safety is the highest priority in aviation, in addition to the LTC 80 line, which is already torn at every check, th...

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