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Titel Safety note: • Solo Dyneema parachute bridles REF : ELESOLODYNEEMA • Tandem Y Dyneema parachute bridles REF : ELEBIY • Tandem H Dyneema parachute bridles REF : ELEBIH
Datum 20-05-2022
Beschrijving PROBLEM:
Possible lack of a safety seam on rescuer connection lines.

Several users of Supair rescuer connection lines had noticed the absence of a seam. Supair asks all users to check the connection lines. Safety Note SUPAIR.

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Titel Safety note: Harness Snug
Datum 03-05-2022
Beschrijving Bruce Goldsmith Design has issued a safety bulletin for the SNUG harness. Harnesses of the design with a manufacturing date of February 2017 partly show a significantly increased required release force when deploying the rescue system.Safety Note.

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider harness X-Rated 7 EAPR-GZ-0541/16
Datum 28-03-2022
Beschrijving Manufacturer Woody Valley has published the following safety advisory for harness X-Rated 7. Woody Valley Safety Note.

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider harness Supair Strike 2 M AIRT GZ_331.2021
Datum 10-12-2021
Beschrijving Several pilots had reported to the DHV problems with the rescue release from the front container of the Supair Strike 2. A check revealed that when the deployment handle is pulled from the side, the inner container becomes jammed. DHV has informed the manufacturer of the results of the check and ...

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Titel : Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm, Gurtzeug für Hängegleiter, Rettungsgerät für Gleitschirm, Rettungsgerät für Hängegleiter
Datum 18-11-2021
Beschrijving Der der Deutsche Hängegleiterverband e.V. als Beauftragter für die Aufsicht über den
Betrieb von Hängegleitern und Gleitsegeln hat eine luftaufsichtliche Verfügung veröffentlicht.. Luftaufsichtliche Verfügung

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider emergency parachute Second Chance 94 DHV GS-02-0002-88, Second Chance 86 DHV GS-02-0003-88, Sprint DHV GS-02-0005-89, Second Chance 118 DHV GS-02-0012-90, Duo DHV GS-02-0024-92, Roger 118 DHV GS-02-0025-92, Roger 96 DHV GS-02-0026-92, Revolution 1 DHV GS-02-0027-92, Revolution 2 DHV GS-02-0028-92, Revolution 1 S DHV GS-02-0029-92, Revolution 2 S DHV GS-02-0030-92, Z 2 DHV GS-02-0044-93, SC 118 M DHV GS-02-0051-95, Duo 200 DHV GS-02-0052-95, Combat DHV GS-02-0061-95, Clou 2 SAS DHV GS-02-0077-97, Charly CLOU 120 DHV GS-02-0082-01, Hangglider emergency parachute Rettungsgerät Charly DHV 02-0024-86, Revolution 2 HG DHV 02-0037-92, Duo HG DHV 02-0040-93, Duo 200 HG DHV 02-0042-95, Clou 2 HG / SAS DHV 02-0046-97
Datum 15-11-2021
Beschrijving Safety note for all CHARLY rescue parachutesDue to a problem that has recently come into focus that the
reserve handle, especially of harnesses with integrated
rescue compartment, can get caught in the lines after
deployment and block the opening of the rescue system,
we have limi...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider harness Kortel Kanibal Race 2 XXX
Datum 25-10-2021
Beschrijving Harness manufacturer Kortel has published a safety notice for its Kanibal Race 2 harness. In conjunction with certain rescue inner containers, the deployment distance of the rescue parachute may be too long. The background is the investigation report on a fatal accident in Austria in August. Saf...

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Titel Safety note: Paraglider Skywalk Poison X-Alps S EAPR-GS-0511/16, Skywalk Poison X-Alps M EAPR-GS-0512/16, Skywalk Poison X-Alps XS EAPR-GS-0519/16
Datum 01-10-2021
Beschrijving The manufacturer Skywalk Paragliders has published a safety notice on the Poison X-Alps paragliders. In one case, a dyneema line on the riser, from which the Stabilo and the outer B-stem line are suspended, was torn off in flight. Skywalk recommends that heavily used/frequently flown equipment o...

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Titel Warning: Tow release Easy Quick DHV 06-0043-15, Easy Quick T DHV 06-0044-17, Easy Quick T2 DHV 06-0046-21
Datum 19-08-2021
Beschrijving Possible blocking of the release by steel ring on the leader rope It has been reported that a steel ring of the leader rope slipped over the tensioning sleeve (release device of the towing pawl) during the towing and launching process.
(release device of the towing pawl) and then blocked it. ...

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Titel Safety note: Reserve parachute / Manufacturer X-Dream Fly
Datum 30-06-2021
Beschrijving Manufacturer X-Dream Fly has published the following safety advisory Dear X-dream Fly dealers & customers.

After an internal quality follow-up check, we dedected on a full shipment a possible problem on one rescue container. The black loop for connecting the rescue handle was not correctly...

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